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Joey Ziolkowski

I design games that aim to connect people and inspire joy.


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Project Showcase

Untitled MR Party Game

This video, released at GDC 2024, previews an upcoming multiplayer Mixed Reality party game that I’m working on as Design Director.

To learn more, check out Jesse Schell’s GDC talk:

The Future of MR Experiences

Coming Soon!

I Expect You to Die 3

Game Level Lead

2022 - 2023

Toontown Rewritten

Creative Director

2013 - Present

Until You Fall

Game Designer

2019 - 2020

Partners I ve Worked With
My Talks

Designing the Cinematic Spectacles of ‘I Expect You to Die 3'

By examining the design process of climatic moments in ‘I Expect You to Die 3’, this GDC 2024 presentation equips attendees with insights and methodologies to create spectacular interactive set pieces for cinematic moments in their own Virtual Reality games.

ToonFest 2023

Schell Games 360

Toontown 2021