Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters

About The Video

“Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters,” a follow up to 2015’s “Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters” video, is the most complex Toontown Short to date. Elements from the original video have been polished and enhanced, but the portion that makes this video complex is the toolset that was developed for it.

Previously, scenes for Toontown Shorts had to be programmed by hand, which was tedious and inefficient. It also meant that other video editors who lacked the ability to program scenes would be unable to see their vision fully realized.

To fix this problem, I developed a set of Movie Tools for the game alongside the creation of this video. These tools allow video editors to manipulate the camera, hire and direct “Cast Members” (on-screen characters), and other useful tools for scene creation.

This is a preview of the full video, which debuted at ToonFest at ReplayFX 2018. The final version will be posted alongside the launch of the event, which is due for release in 2019.