The Options Update (Toontown)

Updating Options?

The Options Update, which released in November 2018, brought a number of new settings to Toontown including bindable keys, antialiasing, animation blending, and an overhaul of movement mechanics.

It may seem silly to have an entire update revolving around the addition of options, but for the Toontown community this was a long-awaited improvement that added a bit of much-needed modernization to the game. Besides, silliness is what Toontown is all about, so we decided to embrace it!

I performed the following tasks for this update:

  • Contributed to the majority of programming efforts to implement the new game options.
  • Worked with artists to make sure the new options interface was both functional and fun with an appealing look and fluid visual feedback.
  • Designed a dynamic GUI system so that programmers can easily drop in new options without having to manually readjust layouts.
  • Led marketing efforts for the update’s launch, which resulted in a feature by Kotaku and Massively Overpowered.